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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the needed documents to verify personal information?

Send a clear picture of the front page of your passport or ID card. Be careful that submitted documents should not be expired. You name should be written fully with all the suffixes and prefixes and they should be in accordance with your sent document information. Also your birth date should be entered correctly in your profile.

What are the needed documents to verify address information?

Address verification is currently not mandatory. If you wish to confirm your address, you must submit one of the following documents in your name. Otherwise your request will be rejected. Notice: Your sent image must be from the original document and must have good resolution. -Utility bills (for the current year) -Current year’s house lease contract

What is the difference between “Bank” and “Online” payment methods in Deposit requests?

by selecting “Bank” as your payment method, a bank account information will be announced to you in tour request’s messages in our working hours, so you can transfer your requested amount to that bank account to charge your requested wallet. By choosing “Online” as your payment method you will be connected to an Online Payment Gateway after filling out your deposit application. You can charge any of TC wallets 24/7 using Online Payment Gateway.

Can I deposit into TC wallets by Cash payments?

Accepting cash payments is currently possible in some countries under certain terms and conditions.

What should I do if I deposit more or less than my requested amount?

If you have paid more, your request will be rejected and you will need to submit a new deposit request in accordance with the payment amount. If you have paid less, you can pay the rest of the amount in addition to the above method.

Is it possible to make payments in several parts and from several bank account?

Yes, you can deposit your requested amount in several payments after you have filed your deposit application, but you must fill in a separate payment information for each of your payments and the sum of all your payments should be equal to the amount you requested. All payments must also be made from your own bank account that has been previously registered and verified.

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