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Russia's most popular payment system

Russia's most popular payment system

Yandex Money is Russia's largest electronic payment service, a Russian information technology company that operates Russia's largest search engine and the world's eighth search engine. The company has also been the developer of many Internet services and products. The Yandex service is the most popular website in Russia.

Yandex Money can be described as a Russian competitor to Paypal, which offers less restriction to service users and is a better option for Iranian users.

The Yandex browser is based on Google Chrome and Safari.

This company hosts major programming contests around the world, and thousands of programmers in Russia gather each year for these competitions.

Yandex Money Usage

Dozens of ways to charge a wallet with and without commissions.

Dozens of ways to charge a wallet with and without commissions.

Cash withdrawal from ATMs and Western Union and Unistream remittances possible.

Cash withdrawal from ATMs and Western Union and Unistream remittances possible.

Acceptable in regular and online stores (using card).

Acceptable in regular and online stores (using card).

Useful tools for receiving and raising money

Useful tools for receiving and raising money

Yandex Money Benefits


Yandex Money is one of the most popular electronic payment systems and the main competitor of WebMoney and Qiwi in Russian language and it is popular among Internet users. Yandex protects the buyer's wallet and you can easily shop online without fear when seeing the Yandex logo. Yandex returns the money if the store delivers the goods incorrectly or does not deliver at all.

With this service, gamers can pay at Nintendo, deposit money into Steam and War gaming accounts.
Buy codes for Apple (itunes) and Xbox.
Yandex Money collaborates with Chinese online stores such as Ali Express, Skype, Google Play, App Store and more.
Money transfer from Yandex account to Western Union and Uni Stream system is possible.
In addition, in 2015 Yandex Money became a MasterCard Partner and issues Virtual MasterCard Cards.
Ability to transfer funds directly from Yandex account to another account
Providing Gift card
Providing Payment Gateway
Shop from physical stores using credit card
The possibility of depositing and withdrawing from your account using ATM
Featuring mobile apps on both AppStore and Google Play

Yandex Virtual Cards


Customers can also use physical and virtal MasterCard cards issued by Yandex Money as a way to pay. The card is also free of charge and you will only pay 300 rubles for a 3-year order. These cards are multipurpose and available in different currencies. Yandex cards can even be used in the Apple Pay app. Instant cash back: Instant and fast refund of your 5% bonus for every payment you make each month (each point in your account equals 1 ruble) Non-commission monthly cash payments up to 10,000 rubles(once you have verified your personal information).

Types of Yandex Money accounts


Yandex Money offers its services to its users in two types of accounts

Business Users Account

In addition to the features of regular users, they can also request a Yandex Money payment gateway.

Regular Users Account

in which customers can have their own virtual wallet and can shop online, transfer money, get a physical card, get a card, and more.

Currencies and countries


The currencies accepted by the Yandex are the Russian ruble and the US dollar. The preferred currency is the Russian ruble. Is it possible to refund? Yes, the payments will be refunded to the electronic wallet and in Ruble units. The languages used at Yandex website are Russian and English. Yandex agencies in other countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

How to buy or sell QIWI funds from TC

  1. First step: Sign up in TC site one time only
  2. Step Two: Verify your account one time only
Add your Yandex Wallet information in “My account” from your TC dashboard (Choose “My account” from your dashboard, then go to “Service account” and click on “New Account”.)

How to buy Yandex Money from TC

To purchase Yandex Money after logging into your account and submitting a “Buy” request as the chart above, select Yandex from the list in the Get Service section of your request. Choose your own Yandex Money account in “Saved Service Account”, then enter your preferred amount and send the request so that the TC experts will check and process your request immediately.

How to sell Yandex Money from TC

To sell Yandex Money After logging in to your TC account and submitting your “Sell” request as the chart above, send your request form so that experts can process your request as soon as possible.
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