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UNIStream Bank History

UNIStream Bank History

UniStream is one of the largest money transfer systems in Russia, created in 2001 and transformed from a financial institution into an independent bank in 2006. UNIStream has a bank website and mobile app. Money Transfers in Russia and the CIS: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Serbia, Turkey, Philippines, Czech Republic, as well as many other countries in Europe and the world. It is possible. UNIStream has 150,000 branches in more than 90 countries around the world except Iran. But TC has made it possible for you to easily use UNIStream service.


UNIStream Usage


Do you intend to send money immediately to someone abroad? Has your child emigrated abroad and does not have a bank account yet? Do you intend to receive money immediately from your client / friend / acquaintance abroad? Have you traveled to a foreign country and faced a shortage of funds there? UNIStream is a fast money transfer method around the world. Using this method you can transfer funds up to $ 3000 from anywhere in the world through TC.

send money to someone abroad

Send money to someone abroad

Instant guide to money from your overseas client / friend / acquaintance

Instant guide to money from your overseas client / friend / acquaintance

What kind of currencies are supported in UNIStream?


The currency sent by TC for UNIStream is the dollar.

But in some countries it only delivers local currency. In these cases the dollar is automatically converted to local currency and delivered Can be.

Transferable amount in UNIStream


There is no limit to the amount of money that can be transferred in Russia. Citizens of the Russian Federation cannot send more than $5,000 abroad (or equivalent in rubles / euros) per day. For non-residents of Russia there are no restrictions on the amount of transfer. * In TC you can send and receive $3000 using UNIStream.

How to buy or sell UniStream from TC

  1. Sign up in TC site one time only
  2. Verify your account one time only

How to send money via UniStream from TC


در ثبت اطلاعات و اعلام آن در سایت To buy(Send) UniStream after registering an order on the TC site and sending the recipient's personal information such as name, surname, city, country of destination and specifying your amount in your request, our partners in Russia send the money along with the request form to one of the Unistream offices. Unistream will give us the transmitter information along with a Transfer ID, which includes a 10-digit code. The recipient can refer to any branch of the UniStream abroad and receive the payment.

Be careful when registering and posting information at TC, if the slightest error occurs in the recipient information, UniStream will not pay the amount due to the conflicts in the recipient information given by us with the real recipient’s information, even having the Transfer ID or passcode.

How to receive money via UniStream from TC

To sell (receive) Unistream funds, afters submitting a request at TC, our experts will send you the personal information of our agent, so you can give this information to the UniStream office and they will send the amount to the address and the person who we gave his information to you. Once you send the code, the UniStream agent will give you a Transfer ID or passcode. You must send that Trasnfer ID in your request to us. Then our agent will go to the UniStream office in his country and get the amount having the passcode. Your wallet in TC will be charged right after that we get the money.
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