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What is voucher?

In e-commerce and online shopping, there are codes consisting of letters or numbers generated by various electronic currencies around the world and provided to consumers like a recharge card without having to open any bank account.

Webmoney Paymer Benefits


Easy and convenient to use just by entering the card number and the code

Connected to the Paymer system

No need to pay fees to increase account balance

Online shopping from different sites

Webmoney Paymer

Paymer is a web-based recharge card that is used to manage electronic payments. These recharge cards can be both virtual and physical. In addition to charging a web account, paymers allow you to purchase from foreign websites.
These Paymers are available in 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 USD.


How to find out the validity of a Webmoney charging card?

As mentioned, all Webmoney wallet finance is done through the Paymer system. So by logging into Paymer's website at https://www.paymer.com you can easily find out the validity and the credit of these cards in "Verify" section as shown in pictures below. Some other services are available at Paymer.com: such as merging or splitting the charging card together and more options on this site.

How to buy Webmoney Paymer Voucher at TC?

  1. First step: Sign up in TC site one time only
  2. Verify your account one time only

How to buy Webmoney Paymer Voucher at TC?


After logging in to your dashboard, select the "Voucher" option in the "Services" section, and then select "Buy Voucher" to submit your purchase.

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